Bed Bugs in Hair Symptoms & What You Must Do When You Experience Them?

Are you terrified about bed bugs in hair? Have you seen something that you think are bed bugs in hair symptoms? This post is meant to help you understand if you indeed have a bed bug problem in your hair, whether it is one that you must be worried about, and what you must do about it to eliminate it.

Can bed bugs live in your hair?

The good news is that they can’t. At least, they definitely don’t want to.
Bed bugs, unlike lice, are not designed to live and crawl in your hair. They also don’t like the heat of your body. What they do is live away from your body, in dark and cool places like under your mattress, in box springs, under carpets or in cracks or spaces that are typically not accessible to humans. Then, they travel to feed on your body or head, usually at night. So, if there are bed bugs in your hair or scalp, it will only probably be for 2-5 minutes a night, the time they need to suck some of your blood. After this brief feeding time, they go back to their hiding place to digest the blood they have consumed, a process that can sometimes take weeks together.

Now, there might be some special circumstances where bed bugs might be living on your hair, by sheer accident. This can happen when you have slept on a hotel bed infested with bed bugs and when you have woken up and have gone about your day without a shower where you cleaned out your hair. But, even if bed bugs are living on your hair, the treatment to get rid of them is very simple. We will go over that in the last section of this post.

What symptoms should I look for, if bed bugs are on my hair or have been in my hair?

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs in most probability don’t live in your hair. However, they might come feed on your scalp and then go away before you wake up. In both cases, the most common symptoms that will give away a bed bug infestation in your hair is tiny welts or bumps that are left behind by bed bug bites. These tiny welts won’t be painful but you can feel them when you run your fingers through your hairs, on your scalp.

Remember, lice or even mosquito bites can cause similar bumps. But, what distinguishes bed bug bites from lice or mosquito bites on your scalp is that bed bug bites are often found in groups, all in a straight line, right next to one another. Lice and mosquito bites on the other hand will not have any particular pattern in terms of how they are located or spread out on your scalp.
Another symptom that might indicate that bed bugs are or have been in your hair is when you find rust colored blood spots on your pillow. These spots can usually occur when you accidentally crush bed bugs while you sleep, by tossing and turning against your pillow.

Should I be worried if I have bed bugs in my hair?

Bed bugs are never good news. But, you will be relieved to know that they don’t carry infectious diseases.
They can also be easily eliminated from your hair. But, if there are bed bugs in your hair or if bed bugs have been in your hair, it definitely means that they are in hiding somewhere in your home, in close proximity to where you sleep.
Only a professional bed bug exterminator shall be able to come and inspect your home to find out all the hiding places where these bed bugs hide. Once they find the infestation, such exterminators will use a combination of techniques such as steaming, vacuuming, dry heat, cold treatments and insecticides to rid your home of bed bugs.

How to resolve bed bugs in hair?
Lice shampoo works very well to rid your hair of bed bugs. Buy a good brand of lice shampoo and apply it on your hair, letting it soak in for about 10 to 15 minutes, or for a time as advised on the shampoo’s bottle. Once soaked in, rinse out the shampoo with water that is as hot as you can bearably tolerate. Bed bugs die in high heat and a hot water shower greatly ensures that they die.

Then, for good measure, use a special nit comb to physically comb out the bed bugs from your hair. Since bed bugs can be as large as an apple seed, you will be able to actually see them when you comb them out.
If you do find dead bed bugs being combed out after your hot water lice shampoo treatment, it is recommended that you repeat the process for a couple of days, to ensure that you have a 100% kill rate.

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