Looking for the Best Rated Beg Bug Spray? Our Top Recommendations Here

If you are here reading this article, it probably means that you have a irksome bed bug infestation in your home, one that you want to take care of, yourself. Bed bug sprays are great products to help you do just that. In this post, we are going to quickly introduce you to some of the best rated bed bug spray products out there in the market today. We will also give you sound advice on how to know what makes a bed bug spray great, so you can make an informed decision when you buy a product that will protect you and your family against bed bugs.

How to find the best rated bed bug spray in the market?

The best bed bug sprays are those that will have all of the following characteristics.

Must kill bed bugs in all three life stages

It is not enough if a bed bug spray can only kill adult bed bugs. It must also be able to kill eggs and also bed bugs in a nymph life stage. Therefore, you must specifically look only for bed bug sprays that explicitly mention that they can kill bed bugs in all three life stages.

Must kill bed bugs resistant to insecticides

Bed bugs have evolved over time. They are resilient little creatures that constantly adapt themselves and this has resulted in them being resistant to a wide range of insecticide and pesticide products. Hence, you must only look for bed bug spray products that explicitly mention that they are able to kill bed bugs that are resistant to common pesticides and insecticides.

Should be safe for adults, children and also pets

Since you will mostly use bed bug sprays on your bedding material, it is imperative that you ensure that these sprays are 100% safe to be used in your close quarter living areas. The product should specifically mention that it is safe for children, pets and adults, even upon direct contact.

Should be backed by Entomology studies or tests

The best bed bug sprays will be sold by companies who are able to back up their claims with studies or tests where their sprays were tested for efficiency and performance. The best brand of bed bug sprays will often have citations about Entomology studies where the spray has been proven to work against a very wide spectrum of bed bug species.

Should ideally offer extended protection

The most popular bed bug sprays are capable of offering protection even after the spray has dried after application, for a period of up to two weeks. Remember, with bed bugs, it usually takes a sustained effort to ensure 100% kill rate and extended protection goes a long way in achieving that goal.

Our Recommendations for the Best Bed Bug Spray Products

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 Gallon Jug, Green + Non-Toxic, with Extended Protection

ASIN on Amazon = B00FTWO27G

This bed bug killer spray has been tested and approved by the Entomological Society of America who gave it the title of “The most effective natural bed bug killer”. It also has a field proven citation from the USDA public health pesticide program, after being successfully used in public housing.

What makes this product particularly potent is that it offers a two week extended protection, even after drying. This means that bed bugs that initially escape the direct spray application but come in contact with the sprayed area within 2 weeks of a spraying will also die, giving you a much higher chance at reaching a 100% kill rate. The convenient 1 gallon size means that you can always have plenty of this natural bed bug killer on hand, to quickly and decisively put an end to bed bug problems, if they ever resurface again.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula 16 oz.

ASIN on Amazon = B00UVZXL2I

This is a fantastic, safe and very effective bed bug spray that kills upon contact. It can kill bed bugs in all stages of a life cycle, including eggs, nymphs and adult stages. The product doesn’t stain and can be sprayed directly onto sheets, pillow or mattresses. Since it is a completely organic product with no fumes, pesticides or chemicals, they can be used safely, even on your bedding material.

This is a product that is often used by professional exterminators of bed bugs. It is safe for children and pets. The product is made in the USA and all ingredients have been sourced from American farmers.

Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula 16 oz.

ASIN on Amazon = B076MC9K4Z

This is another very cost effective professional bed bug spray that is very similar to the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer just reviewed above. The spray kills upon contact and is a lot more effective than other commonly used bed bug treatment products such as bed bug powders, traps and foggers.

Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer Aerosol Spray 18 oz.

ASIN on Amazon = B00F0LFNO2

This fantastic aerosol powered spray from the Ortho brand is a great bed bug killer spray to have when you travel. It has specifically been tested and approved to be able to kill even pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs, which otherwise are known to be the toughest breed of bed bugs that are generally very resilient to bed bug sprays.

People who travel a lot love this bed bug spray as it can be conveniently packed into luggage, just like a can of deodorant. Then, the user can thoroughly spray their suitcase and clothing before they return back home, to be assured that they are not bringing back any bed bugs, at least not any live ones!

Is bed bug spray bad for pets?

Absolutely, as long as you buy a bed bug spray that specifically states that it is safe to use in a house with pets. All of the products mentioned above are products that are safe to be used around your children and pets.

What steps should I take in preparation before using bed bug spray?

To maximize the efficiency of bed bug sprays, it is highly recommended that you first remove bedding items that can easily be treated for bed bugs, without the use of these sprays. You can remove pillow covers, bed linens and even mattress covers to put them in a hot cycle of washing and drying, with temperatures of 140 F or more, for at least 30 minutes.

Next, generously spray any of the above recommended bed bug sprays onto all areas in your bedroom, including your mattress, head board, mattress edges, seams, box springs and even surrounding areas like night stands, sofas, baseboards, crown moldings, carpet  edges and any cracks or crevices where bed bugs might hide, close to your bedding.

it is also recommended that you continue to use bed bug sprays for about 2-3 more applications with one or two weeks between applications, until you are very sure that you no longer have any bed bugs in your home.

If bed bugs continue to persist after you have used even the best bed bug sprays, it probably means that your bed bug infestation is very severe. In such cases, you will have no choice but to call in a professional exterminator who shall use sprays, dry heat treatments, cold treatments, steaming, fogging, vacuuming and other techniques to comprehensively kill all bed bugs in your home.

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